Hi, my name is Martin and I am a landscape photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand. I grew up in Poland, in Eastern Europe. I had a passion for visual arts since the moment I was able hold a crayon in my hand and was lucky to start in photography at the age of nine when my neighbour, a nature and wildlife photographer, saw my interest in wonder and beauty of the world and tought me the basics of drawing with light.

Along with having a great mentor who gave me my first camera and told how to use it, my parents took every opportunity to show us the World and how to travel it. It didn't take long before I took my camera and went to explore and photograph places on my own.


Twenty years later I found a new home in photographer's paradise - New Zealand. Today, a husband and a father of two boys, I continue my passion and make photographs to bring people closer to wild and beautiful places, one moment at a time. I love telling visual stories that reflect how I feel about what I see and hope to bring a positive, inspired outlook to everyone's life. You will find me searching for new exciting images in the Wellington area - anywhere from sea level to higher ground.


I hope that you will find in my gallery an image loud enough to wake up your emotions, a photograph full of positive energy to enjoy now and for many years to come. Please feel free to drop me a note and let me know you were here. I’m always eager to say hello to old and new friends !