limited edition, open edition, first print or artist proof - which one should I buy ?

Limited Edition prints (LE): photographs from this exclusive and unique collection are available as limited edition only (available only from and selected Art Galleries). Each edition is single and limited to 15 prints only regardless of size and presentation. Each LE print is individaully printed and framed using museum grade materials estimated to last 75 years or more if properly stored. Every LE print is numbered, signed and dated by Martin and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, which is your guarantee of its originality.

Once the last print in an edition has sold there will never be another one produced, besides use in books or portfolios from Martin Warenczuk. As the availability decreases, value increases and once the edition is closed the investment value of the photographic print increases substantially because the print is no longer available. Pricing increases over the life of an edition, with the final few prints commanding prices several times the opening price. When we are approached by prospective buyers, we contact interested print owners and act as a broker if they wish to re-sell their limited edition print.


At any moment a client can close a selected edition for a fee, making sure no more fine prints will ever be sold of that photograph, independently of how many prints are still remaining on the original edition. Please contact us for any further information about the process of edition closure.

First Print (1/15) is a special piece from a limited edition that carries a higher value and will increase in value at a higher rate than pieces from the body of the collection itself. First printing pieces require an additional investment of $500 for each piece. 

Artist Proof Prints (AP) are produced during printing of a limited edition. Their purpose is to ensure consistency of print quality of the edition. These prints are equal in quality to the edition, but are not included in the regular limited edition print run, hence are even more exclusive in their rarity. Artist Proofs are very limited (usually only 10% of the edition) and priced slightly higher due to the restricted supply. These special prints are signed by me as Artist Proof or A/P. Many fine art collectors favour Artist Proofs over regular edition prints because they are more likely to increase in value over time. Please contact us to enquire about Artist Proof availability quoting the image SKU code (this code can be found below item's price). 

matted & framed photographic print (print size: L, dimensions: 45 x 19 inch / 114 x 49 cm)

Open Edition prints (OE) are of equally high print quality as the limited edition prints and are all hand printed using premium grade paper and inks, and are signed by Martin. Open edition prints are unlimited and available in a variety of sizes and presentation options including: block-mounted and canvas prints, matted and framed prints. Despite being unlimited they will never be a mass market product. Selected artworks from the open edition are also available as postcard collections, calendars and stationery.